Actor/Print Model/Filmmaker/Distributor/Film Programmer Jorge began his professional career while in his late teens. At the age of 18, he was selected to participate in the Walt Disney College Program. He worked in the marketing departments of New Line Cinema, Paramount and Columbia Pictures. In motion picture development, Jorge worked as a story analyst for Richard Gere's production company and Wendy Finerman's productions at Tri Star Pictures in the early nineties.

His acting credits include Gramercy's "Panther" and "Tales from the Hood", HBO's "Social Friction Fables" New Line's "Friday", and cameo appearances in his films "The Truth Within", "Strippers", and a supporting role in "The Singing Forest","Contadora is for lovers" and "The House of Adam".

Founder and Executive director of The Continental Film Festival, better known as the first American Independent film festival overseas on an island, was held in 1997 on the island of Contadora off the gulf of Panama. Upon the festival's completion, filmmakers returned to their destinations with reviews from the national and international press. There is where his film career actually began. He served as a festival coordinator during the very beginnings of the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. At the LALIFF, he worked alongside Edward James Olmos and Marlene Dehmer the current festival director. Mr. Ameer also served as the coordinator for the 1988 Latino Entertainment Industry Conference. Currently, Mr. Ameer is a member of the advisory board of the Methodfest Film Festival held annually in Burbank, California. Also, a U.S. representative for the Barcelona G & L Film Festival and a film programmer for the Palm Springs G & L Film Festival, Mr. Ameer helped in the selection of many foreign features for the Palm Springs area.

After noticing a lack of recognition of foreign and independent gay themed films released theatrically, Mr. Ameer founded the International Gay Film awards, the Glitter Awards. Currently, in 6th year, the only award show of its kind that has attracted celebrities presenters such as Academy Award nominated actress Lupe Ontiveros, "Grease" and "Summer lovers", "Blue Lagoon" director Randall Kleiser,Ayre Gross, comedian Jason Stuart, Peter Miller (star of "Mambo Italiano") to name a few.


As a distributor, Mr. Ameer started Hollywood Independents with the theatrical release of "California Myth" starring Tyron Powers Jr.. Thereafter, the company has released such tittles as the Jamaican/American co-production "Klash" starring Jazmine Guy, "Eastside" starring Mario Lopez, "tequila Body Shots" starring Joey Lawrence, "Poor White Trash" starring Jamie Pressley, Jason London, William Devane and Sean Young, Spain's Academy Awards Winning film (Goya Winner) "I will Survive" (Sobrevivire), and "Hotel Room" from the director of "Nico & Dani". Upcoming releases include his film "The Singing Forest", and "Junked" starring Thomas Jane (star of "The Punisher","Dreamcatcher","Deep Blue Sea") and Jordan Ladd (star of Cabin Fever).

Mr. Ameer has financed, produced, and directed the features "Strippers" and "The Singing Forest","Contadora is for lovers" and "The House of Adam". In addition, Mr. Ameer has produced, written and directed four 35mm comedic shorts "Misguided Piss", "My Straight Boyfriend", "Popcorn & Coke" and "Uninhibited" which is now available on DVD as a compilation of shorts called Fairy Tales: Straight Men & the Men. He has recently written, produced and directed the highly anticipated romantic thriller, currently in post production,"The House of Adam". The film is schedule to be released theatrically soon. Mr. Ameer is also the director of the Glitter Awards show which saw its first DVD release in 2005. The 2006 Glitter Awards show is now available on DVD released through Vanguard Cinema. Mr. Ameer also negotiated a book deal with Blood Moon Production for the publishing of the 2005 Glitter Awards book now available in stores. Thanks to his efforts, there is now a permanent book of records to illustrate and educate and most of all archive these works on a yearly basis for future generations. He is also working on the follow up to the very successful DVD compilation of shorts Straight Men and the Men who love them.

Many don't know this but Jorge Ameer was the last person to re-open the historic Vogue theatre in Hollywood to show independent films. Films such as "Nico and Dani" and "Just one time" by now defunct Cowboy Releasing played at this theatre in 2001. Ameer leased the Vogue theatre from its owners Mann theatres. The theatre was gutted to make way for a nightclub that never opened. Mr Ameer is now part of the Hollywood Historic Cinema experience as he was the last entity to play films at what was a great film venue back in its day.

Currently, he's in pre-production with his latest 35mm project "The Dark Side of Love" about two brothers who have to confront their prejudices after the death of their mother will be lensing this summer '07 in Palm Springs and Los Angeles. Jorge Ameer's theatrical distribution company Hollywood Independents International recently opened its theatrical distribution operations in Central and South America with the theatrical release of Grande Ecole a film by Robert Salis.

The french film was censored and banned in Panama due to its explicit sexual content where Ameer's company was schedule to open it in theatres in January. Ameer took a trip to Panama to denounce the banning of this film. After outraged from the Panamanian press, the film opened successfully in Panama. It opened number one of the box office at the Alhambra-Plus Transistmica theatre beating Night at the Museum, Deja Vu. It broke box office record playing for eight weeks theatrically. The film continue its theatrical release through Central and South America. The film is now available on home video in the United States through Wellspring Home Video.

Below Jorge Ameer at the 2007 Spirit Awards

Jorge Ameer & Jimmy Kimmel (left), 2006 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury/Audience Award Winners and 2007 Spirit Award winners -(filmmakers of "Quinceanera") and friends Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland (center), Jorge Ameer and Cuba Gooding Jr. (right)