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writer/director/producer : Jorge Ameer

starring: Jeff Allen

(click on photo for filmography on JEFF ALLEN)


A dedicated mythology professor (Jeff Allen) finds an evil witch doctor (Jorge Ameer) who summons the spirit of the gorgon Medusa.


Filmmaker Jorge Ameer's contemporary gothic supernatural creature feature is based on the classical tale of gorgons and gods. JACK PERUCI (Jeff Allen ) is a mythology professor who acquires an antique mirror from Kao, a shady witch doctor (Jorge Ameer). As evil haunts Dr. Peruci through this recently acquired artifact, he must overcome the paranormal to avoid his soul from being summoned as a vessel of resurrection.



Jorge Ameer's contemporary gothic supernatural horror creature feature is based on the classical tale of gorgons and gods. JACK PERUCI (Jeff Allen ) is a mythology professor. He acquires an antique artifact from Kao, a shady witchdoctor (Jorge Ameer). When he returns to his home to study his recent acquisition, he experiences a series of supernatural encounters. As Jack gets lured by this strange force, the gorgon MEDUSA uses all earthly means available to take possession of what's she's after...Jack's soul. Through her supernatural powers, she manipulate Jack's surroundings creating pandemonium in order to enter his world. From that moment on, Jack suffers from increasingly disturbing nightmares. As these nightmares intensify, Jack recruits his best friend, STEVEN CRAIG (Tom Struckhoff), a psychologist who specializes in hypnotherapy, to help him solve this mystery. Steven, through his sessions, unveils that Jack's bloodline is key to his paranormal disruptions. As Jack falls prey to the evil that haunts him, he must fight the ghostly disturbances head on in order to avoid his soul to be used as the vessel of resurrection.



Dr. Jack Peruci ------- Jeff Allen
Steven Craig------------ Tom Struckhoff
Lana May----------------- Britt Rose
Angelique/Medusa----- Katy Foley
Kao-------------------------Jorge Ameer
Nana------------------------Torie Tyson
Grace--------------------- -Algerita Wynn Lewis
Anthony.......................... Scott Parietti
Oren................................ Jon Jacobs
Henry...............................Carlos Moreno Jr.

Dr. Gleason....................William McNamara



Executive Producer

Jorge Ameer


Mauricio Arrioja

Jeff Allen

Jorge Ameer


Igor Konseko

Film Editing

Jorge Ameer

Set Decoration

Steve Cohan (Antique Dealer)

Special Effects by

Jeremy Vanneman ("Godzilla", "Wolverine", "Guardians of the Galaxy", "Pacific Rim", Ironman 3", StarTrek: Into Darkness")


Medusa is the latest film from author/filmmaker Jorge Ameer.  It took over 20 years to bring MEDUSA to the big screen.  Written in 1994, the script, originally called "The resurrection of Medusa" was changed to "Medusa" for this version of the film. The screenplay also went through an update to include technology that is used today.  Back in 1994, the internet was in its infancy.  

The story of Medusa, loosely based on the greek mythology centers around the story of Jack Peruci, a mythology professor from the Department of Classical Sciences at a local university.   Prof Peruci has spent most of his professional career  searching  for an ancient artifact called "the mirror".  This artifact is said to embody the spirit of the gorgon Medusa and it was used to house her remains in an attempt to confine her accessability to the outer world.  

The filmmaking style chosen by filmmaker Jorge Ameer is one with a gothic sensitivity to the subject matter creating surrealism through storytelling with a modern day setting and within the horror genre.  

The film was a labor of love for Ameer.  He recruited other filmmaker friends, artists & actors to participate in this film.  Most notably, Algerita Wynn & Carlos Moreno, who waited over 20 years to perform roles they were originally cast during many failed attempts years ago. However, due to the film project falling apart several times & conflicting schedules with name talent back then, and other matters out of the filmmakers control, the project ran into many hurdles prior to its completion of principal photography on this latest version of Jorge Ameer story.   Medusa was able to come to fruition due, for he most part, to the change of technology from 35mm to digital.  

This change in technology affected the way the film was made because with the implementation and availability of digital technology to create and enhance images, creating Medusa in this digital age was made far more accessible than was ever originally imagined. 

Many of the visual effects for Medusa were created on set to give the film the feel and texture of a vintage 70's early 80's look under the supervision of VFX director Jeremy Vanneman.  On the set, Mr. Vanneman created several key components during principal photography to enhance the visual look of many on-set effects with CGI later during the post production process.  Having worked on most studio films today,  Mr. Vanneman brought his expertise on this micro-budget production to create an organic feel that was essential in making the effects work to blend in with the look of the film.  The fun part in making on-set effects is that you can be as creative as you want to be using any and all elements at your disposal to create everything from Medusa's blood to her slime.


Casting a film is of upmost importance to author/filmmaker Jorge Ameer. Having the right talent for the role is vital to brining life to any film, and bringing the authenticity of characters to life.  This finished version of Medusa was started by accident for filmmaker Jorge Ameer was currently producing another of his scripts.  As he filtered through thousands of actors submissions, he saw the headshot of Jeff Allen.  Matching visually the description of the role of Jack Peruci created by the filmmaker, Jorge held several online meetings/auditions with actor Jeff Allen prior to meeting the talent in person to offer him the starring role.  Upon acceptance of the role, and armed with his visual effects artists Jeremy Vanneman, Jorge Ameer set out to make the first installment of Medusa with producer Mauricio Arrioja whom he met several years ago at a restaurant while Mr. Arrioja was in the process of completing film school at Cal State Norhridge.  After casting the main role,casting the other roles was easy since Mr. Ameer had previously cast the other roles during the previous attempts at bringing Medusa to life.


Author/Artists/ Filmmaker Jorge Ameer was immerse in all facets of creating Medusa.  Like a master artists molding his sculpture, actors were modeled and transformed visually and intellectually to live the characters created in the screenplay.  Locations were carefully chosen to fit the mood and feel of the film.  Bits and pieces of a variety of many locations were used to make up one location in the film to give the film a sense of its own world instead of featuring an already existing city or location.  The look of the film was achieved by cinematographer Igor Kosenko a graduate from the masters program in cinematography from AFI and a native from Ukrane, Igor worked on many films in Europe, mostly Spain.  Bringing a European sensitivity to the film could only enhance the visual ideas filmmaker Jorge Ameer had in bringing Medusa to the big screen.  Mr. Kosenko & Ameer spent many months prior to production planning for a very specific look for the film.  The visuals for the film were to be vintage classic in nature, contrasting with high saturated colors and making the surroundings as chilling as the story being told by the performers.  


Much like the films of Andy Warhol, Medusa presents Images of surrealism mixed the a vintage camp with an old look from the slasher films from the 70's, creating its own visual style with its roots embedded in visual textures recreating images that are reminiscent of classic horror films.


Medusa mixes elements from several versions of greek mythology based on the gorgon Medusa with contemporary storytelling using the twelve signs of the zodiac, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, in order to connect the past and the present to create a world of mysticism.   The characters in Medusa, must empower themselves with this astrological knowledge to survive the resurrection of the gorgon from the mirror artifact, & quickly learn how to apply these theories from the zodiac in order to overcome their shortcomings when dealing with the degenerating force of the gorgon .  The zodiac hides many secrets that will ultimately serve as an instrument in the battle against Medusa.